case studies

With our background in emotional health and wellbeing we appreciate some of the challenges you face with your workforce. The following scenarios may be helpful in illustrating how resolve’s services could benefit your staff and your business

Andy has been signed off with stress-related anxiety and you are waiting to hear when he will return to work.

Stress is the number one cause of long term absence in the UK; unmanaged stress has a negative impact on your business. Find out how resolve could help your business prevent stress-related absences through training and how we can support individual employees such as Andy.

Jenny is never off sick, even turning up when she’s full of cold and she is often still there after your official ‘clocking off time’.

A productive and successful business needs more than just your employees to turn up. Does your business have a very low absence rate? A low absence rate could be a warning sign for presenteeism. Read Jenny’s case study and find out how resolve could help your business to identify and prevent presenteeism.

Ian was promoted a few months now and it is obvious that he is struggling to adapt to a managerial role and tell people what he wants them to do.

Employees can find the transition from worker to manager difficult without specific support and training. Do you have staff members not realising their potential after promotion? Read Ian’s case study and find out how resolve can help him, and you to maximise employee potential.

Miranda has returned to work after being on maternity leave for six months. She is struggling to adjust to some of the changes in the workplace since she went on leave.

Do you have staff members struggling to return to work from maternity leave? Read Miranda’s case study and find out how resolve can help her, and you to manage the transition.

What people say about us….

"I feel I can now cope with the challenges life throws at me."

"Everything suddenly made sense, I felt like I was trapped in a vicious circle and that I had no way of changing how depressed I was feeling.  I now know ways I can stop this and have tools to help me manage my feelings."

"I found the consultant easy to talk to, and she made the materials clear and easy to understand."

"Counselling has helped to improve my self-esteem and feel more relaxed."

"Counselling has helped me to understand myself better and become more trusting in my relationship with others."