bespoke services

At resolve we recognise that businesses face many challenges. Our ‘bespoke’ services are designed to meet the needs of your business as a whole; whether this is through staff training, working with a particular team or any other event you would like realised.

Our bespoke service is flexible to your needs as an employer and we can tailor services to meet your requirements.

For an overview of our bespoke services open our information pdf.

The services we offer include:


resolve offers training to employers and employees that are topic specific. We offer training in areas such as stress reduction and wellbeing awareness-raising strategies.

Our team possess a wide range of skills and experience, if you have a specific wellbeing training event you would like to hold please contact Health in Mind at 0131 225 8508 or email.

For more information on our corporate training service please open our information pdf.


Reflective Practice

A facilitated opportunity to work with your team or wider staff group to debrief, celebrate or plan together.


Practice Supervision

This is an opportunity to reflect on your work usually in the areas of people management or customer service. You will receive feedback and guidance to support your professional development.


Exploratory consultations

As an employer you may have something particular in mind, or you may not know which services would benefit your business. We will meet with you for an in depth consultation to explore the challenges facing your business and the interventions that would best fit your business and your people. A personalised solution will then be tailored to your specific needs and desired outcomes.


Cost of bespoke services

We will work with you to negotiate a service and fee which suits both your business and the challenge you face. Please call us on 0131 225 8508 or email for more information.

What people say about us….

"I feel I can now cope with the challenges life throws at me."

"Everything suddenly made sense, I felt like I was trapped in a vicious circle and that I had no way of changing how depressed I was feeling.  I now know ways I can stop this and have tools to help me manage my feelings."

"I found the consultant easy to talk to, and she made the materials clear and easy to understand."

"Counselling has helped to improve my self-esteem and feel more relaxed."

"Counselling has helped me to understand myself better and become more trusting in my relationship with others."