Our ‘on demand’ service gives businesses the flexibility to purchase wellbeing support for employees as and when they are needed.

Counselling service

Talking through our thoughts and feelings can help us to explore them and the effect they have on our behaviour and our mood.

You can focus on particular issues in your life as it is now or explore wider themes. It can be easier to talk to someone who is not involved in your life to get another perspective.

Every counselling session is led by you and the counsellor will support you to identify how you wish to use your time together. Our counselling service is provided by a range of qualified and experienced counsellors.

For more information on our corporate counselling service please open our information sheet.

Other interventions may be available, contact us and mention 'resolve' for more information.


What people say about us….

"I feel I can now cope with the challenges life throws at me."

"Everything suddenly made sense, I felt like I was trapped in a vicious circle and that I had no way of changing how depressed I was feeling.  I now know ways I can stop this and have tools to help me manage my feelings."

"I found the consultant easy to talk to, and she made the materials clear and easy to understand."

"Counselling has helped to improve my self-esteem and feel more relaxed."

"Counselling has helped me to understand myself better and become more trusting in my relationship with others."