Why use counselling?

Talking through your thoughts and feelings can help you to explore them and the effect they have on your behaviour and your mood. You can focus on particular issues in your life as it is now or explore wider themes.

The counselling is led by you and the counsellor will support you to identify how you wish to use your time together.

It can be easier to talk to someone who is not involved in your life to get another perspective. Sometimes we can feel that our thoughts might worry or upset family members or friends.

Counselling can provide the opportunity to talk openly and not have to worry about the impact on the other person.


How might counselling make me feel?

Counselling is a very personal process. Sometimes it is necessary to talk about painful feelings or difficult decisions, so you could go through a period of feeling worse than when you started. However, counselling should help you feel better in the long-run.

It can also make you feel positive and engaged with your life and what is happening around you. It can give you a language to describe how you are feeling and what sense you make of your world.

It can help you to understand your motivations and actions. This can also help you to communicate better with and understand other people such as family and friends.


What if I do not feel comfortable with the counsellor?

As counselling is such a personal experience this can happen. We do not get on with everyone we meet. It would be helpful if you could talk with the counsellor about any uncomfortable feelings you have. Counsellors understand that it is important for the client to feel at ease and so will not be offended if this happens.

You can get back in touch with us and we can arrange for you to meet another counsellor. There is a team of counsellors at resolve so it should be relatively easy to arrange this.


If I’m honest about my issues, will my counsellor think I’m crazy?

Absolutely not. It can be difficult to discuss your issues and thoughts with a stranger and it is very common to be concerned about telling people how you really feel because of a fear of what they will think.

Although our thoughts and feelings can be deeply distressing to us it is very unusual for the team not to have heard similar issues before, especially if you are struggling with common problems like anxiety or depression. All of our team are trained in mental health and are here to listen in a non-judgemental way.


I really think your counselling service would be good for my friend, how do I get them an appointment?

When we care about people we want to offer them support and help. We may feel that we cannot provide them with what they need and want to suggest specialist support.

However, for any therapy to work effectively the client has to take the step of approaching a service themselves. Trying to make someone go or putting pressure on them to seek support will probably back fire. They may feel angry with you and see it as interfering rather than helping.

By providing information such as this website link you can introduce a wellbeing service as an option and one that they may or may not choose to take up. This is more likely to be seen as helpful and supportive.

What people say about us….

"I feel I can now cope with the challenges life throws at me."

"Everything suddenly made sense, I felt like I was trapped in a vicious circle and that I had no way of changing how depressed I was feeling.  I now know ways I can stop this and have tools to help me manage my feelings."

"I found the consultant easy to talk to, and she made the materials clear and easy to understand."

"Counselling has helped to improve my self-esteem and feel more relaxed."

"Counselling has helped me to understand myself better and become more trusting in my relationship with others."